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flooring store in new orleansYou’ve just purchased your new home in New Orleans. You’re excited, but kind of nervous at the same time. You need repairs done, but you want the best possible renovations at the fairest prices. You’ve settled on where to go for everything except your floors. Who can you rely on? Carpet Corner is your saving grace! Carpet Corner is a full-service carpet and flooring store in New Orleans that has serviced the Greater New Orleans region since 1974. It’s a trusted brand with top quality products sold at reasonable prices.

We want the floor buying process to be as easy as possible.

Not only is Carpet Corner the most reliable flooring store in New Orleans, but we love helping first time homeowners choose the floors that best matches their needs and wants. We understand that choosing the right floor is an important decision that needs to be made. It can be a little overwhelming and even a bit frustrating sometimes. Choosing the right floor is such a big decision because, unlike other things in your home, your floor is the one thing that everyone uses. From the residents and pets that live there to the guests you invite over, walking on your floor is inevitable. Also, it gives your home personality and reflects your taste and lifestyle. We’re here to alleviate any reservations you may have and make sure that your floor buying process is as easy as walking on the floors once they’re installed.

A name you can trust.

Carpet Corner offers only the finest flooring products at prices that are guaranteed to make the best bang out of your buck. We offer only top-quality products from some of the nation’s tops brands such as Shaw, Armstrong, and Bliss. We also have a wide variety of flooring types for you to choose from such as carpet, vinyl, hardwood, laminate, and stone and tile. Contact us today, and let’s get you the floor of your dreams!

Carpet Corner Offers a Helping Hand to Baton Rouge Residents Affected by Last Year’s Flooding

In mid-August 2016, a devastating flood swept through the Gulf Coast region after a few days of what seemed like endless rainfall. Homes were destroyed, lives were lost, and families were displaced. The aftermath was overwhelming, and a large portion of southern Louisiana was deeply affected. Baton Rouge was one of the cities to receive some of the most critical damage.

Since businesses, including flooring and carpeting companies, were also affected due to the severe flooding, Carpet Corner has decided to lend a helping hand to the homeowners and business owners in the Baton Rouge area. Carpet Corner has extended their services to reach those who are in dire need of floor and carpet repair and/or re-installation in the areas most affected in Baton Rouge.

Having been personally affected by Hurricane Katrina, Carpet Corner knows how important it is to provide quality service and products to people in need during such trying times. It is important for homeowners and business owners to contact their insurance providers in order to find out if their insurance covers floor repair and/or replacement in the event of a natural disaster. Since not all homeowners have flood insurance, it is equally important to document what exactly has been damaged. Having pictures detailing property damage can serve as a necessary precaution when applying for FEMA grants, which, contrary to popular belief, are issued to allow victims enough financial wiggle room to get back on their feet and not completely cover their losses.

At a time when affordable flooring and carpeting in Baton Rouge is being sought out more than ever, Carpet Corner is here to help relieve the stress of having to find a reliable flooring company and provide you with all the essential supplies and labor required at a reasonable price. Carpet Corner offers a wide variety of flooring products such as carpet floors, tile floors, wood floors, laminate floors, and vinyl floors as well as various designs from top brands such as Shaw Flooring. Laminate flooring has become the go-to flooring style for renovation and rebuilding because of its durability and low maintenance needed to keep your floors in the best shape possible.

Carpet Corner is a family owned flooring company and carpet dealer based out of New Orleans, and the company has been loyally serving the people and fellow businesses of the Greater New Orleans Region for more than 40 years. Since 1974, Carpet Corner has specialized in residential and commercial flooring while also providing all the necessary supplies and handy work at an affordable price.

Local New Orleans Carpet Installer Sheds Light on the Saint Hotel Makeover

Did you know that Carpet Corner specializes in commercial carpet design and installation? In fact, our expert carpeting team has outfitted many distinct New Orleans properties in the 36 years we have been in business. As the hotel industry shifts to a focus on more boutique offerings we have been right there, working alongside some of the area’s finest hotels, to facilitate intricate custom design and installation that aligns with the identity and uniqueness of the brand. We are especially proud of the recent renovation, install and custom carpet design at the SAINT Hotel on Canal Street.

Bathed in soft red and blue lighting, the SAINT’S chic hotel bar, The Burgundy Bar, hosts visitors and local alike, and is home to top-rated weekly burlesque, comedy and jazz ensembles. The space pays a modern homage to the rich and often scandalous history of a Canal street haunt. This custom design from SHAW’s Commercial Carpets was easily customizable to meet the color and design needs of the room. The large, modern, repeating floral design casts a contemporary feel and the pops of yellow add a gentle and contrasting lightness to the ambiance of the space. This is an example of a classy well designed custom carpet doubling as a piece of art, drawing together the other more historically styled elements in the room, resulting in a truly unique look and feel. A high-traffic public space in a large hotel is not afforded much time to renovate in a city like New Orleans. Unlike a guest floor, that’s easily sectioned off to renovate – the Burgundy Bar is the nucleus of the hotel and because of this we were able to turn this job around in record speed. This is always an available convenience on any of our commercial jobs, letting you chose among several options for how and when your new commercial carpet may be installed. We then went on to renovate the 154 guest-rooms, hallways and lobby in another custom Shaw design, but in a guest room or common hall chic must also balance with tranquility.

Here, rich navy and cream patterns play on the properties art-deco tendencies. We fancy ourselves Hotel Specialists with lots of experience in unusual fittings, custom designs and a quick turn around.

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Carpet Corner Flooring was established in 1974 as a full service flooring store. We sell, install and service residential and commercial floors in New Orleans. Offering top flooring brands such as: Shaw, Mohawk and Bliss. We are also certified installers of these top brands and install carpet, laminates, tile and wood floors.

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